What Our Data Can Tell You

You will get regular, accurate, well-presented answers to all the questions you want to ask poker players.

  • What is their behaviour?
  • What is their motivation?

  • Are there any differences in their online vs. offline pattern?
  • What are their intentions?

  • How can you influence their behaviour?

The data will include unique and invaluable information comparing games, different poker websites and other locations where people play.

  • Loyalty and churn rates
  • Attitudes to advertising and promotions

  • Satisfaction levels with sites, offerings and features
  • A complete understanding of the usage and behaviour of your (potential) audience

  • Benchmark your ratings with your competitors
  • Demographic breakdown of results

You will have the unique opportunity to customise your data and ask this large sample of poker players whatever questions you want on a proprietary basis. All results will be presented in chart and tabulated formats backed up by client service and consultancy options.

Contact us to discuss your exact requirements and receive a specific proposal.