What You Can Buy And How Much It Costs

The research programme is conducted twice a year (Spring and Autumn).

We are able to offer two different levels of service.

Firstly, for the “Top Forty” online Poker websites our database is large enough to provide detailed information about each individual website within that group. The fee level for this service is between £40,000 p.a. and £120,000 p.a. (depending on the size of the individual website concerned).

For all other online Poker websites (i.e. those outside of the “Top Forty”) we can only offer “Topline” information. The fee level for the “Basic Report” is £10,000 p.a.

If your website is within the “Top Forty” please contact us and we will prepare an individual quotation for you. You can, of course, choose to buy only the £10K p.a. service but that would mean that you could not look at detailed data for your website and those of all of your main competitors.

The “Basic Report” excludes access to named (website-specific) databases.

The purchase of the “Basic Report” delivers (in summary) the following:-

  1. Tables – Analysing results not only from the latest research wave but from several earlier waves back through time in order to establish trends.
  2. Charts – These allow you to see the “Key Trends” over time in visual terms.
  3. Opportunity To Further Analyse Any Part Of The Data Set – You can create your own analyses by purchasing easy-to-use software that we supply.